Imagine being able to pour miso out of a bottle. You don´t have to scoop it out of a container. Nor do you have to scrape it off a spoon. Introducing Marukome Miso & Easy, a new, innovative liquid miso.

Just snap open the cap and pour miso out of the bottle. It´s that simple. With its rich, savory flavor, it can easily enhance any recipe. As the foundation of a recipe, it also allows you to experiment, creating your own recipes.

Use Miso & Easy to cook your favorite miso soup or invent your own soup recipe. Add vegetables, meat, seafood, or anything you can imagine to create a unique soup. You can also use Miso & Easy to make exciting sauces, marinades, and salad dressings as well as stir-fry dishes.

Because the miso is now in liquid form, you can measure it more accurately, making your cooking more convenient. There´s also less waste because you use only what you need. Plus, there´s virtually no mess or cleanup required.